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Post  Admin on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:57 pm

1. Match rules A match is played over 1 map, the map is randomly choosen by Cup Admins. Each match is played over with a roundlimit of 24. Total rounds in a match is 1x24. The score is determined by adding all rounds won from each clan over the whole match. Snipers are limited to 1 as set by the pamd mod. The default team size for the CoD2 Search & Destroy Pamd Cups is 5on5.

Pistol Bash for Side.

Final is played over 2 maps 1 map choosen by each clan (Pistol Bash for map to begin on and Pistol Bash for side).
The first team who wins 2 maps have won the match, if its 1-1 after 2 maps a 3rd map will be played as a decider. The map is choosen by the Cup Admins excluding 1 map each of the remaining maps and the map thats left is the decide map.

2. No Show If your opponent dont show up and you cant reach them 10 minutes after Cup start contact and admin/crew on IRC: #C1Cups and write your teamname and team ..... did not show up requesting No Show. The Admin/Crew Try to contact the opponent and if not reached you will be the winning team in the match.

3. Maplist The maplist for C1Cups are:

4. Server settings

All matches must be played with Pamd 1.01installed by clans on their server.

All matches are played with pamd mode:
/rcon pam_mode eumr12

All matches must be played on servers that stream to the Game-Violations repository with the newest GV scripts. Streaming your match server to the GV repository is a mandatory requirement. The clan/player responsible for the server is also responsible for making sure it streams, their opponent should demand a streaming server for all matches. Using servers that do not authorise players original cd-keys from Activisions master server (cracked servers) is illegal. Opponents are allowed to ask for a legal server or provide their own. Once a match starts you accept the server and its settings. All matches must be played using the Official v1.01patch.

5. Screenshots Always take screenshots of the score at the end of the game. This will be used as proof of the score.

6. Demos Recording Demo's is mandotory in C1Cups, and if the team fail to submit a demo the team will be disqualified from the cup. A demo is requested by teams to an admin that requests the demo from the teams. A valid reason for wanting the demo is needed when requesting. If demo's have not been put forward by the requested player, their guid from ingame will be forwarded to Clanbase.


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